How to Make LED/Zener Diode Tester | DIY Portable Power Supply 48V | Very Useful Device

useful device

In this tutorial, I will make a Portable Power Supply and LED/Zener Diode Tester. This device is very useful for checking every type of LED and Zener Diodes. Also, you can identify damaged LEDs from LED Lamps.

The boosted output of this device is almost 48 volts when fully charged. Although it’s not recommended to use more than 32 volts. The output current is also very low so you can’t use high-ampere devices. This power supply is good for small LEDs and breadboard components. This device is very cheap to build. It costs less than 500 BDT or $5 USD.

Parts List:

For this build, you’ll need the following components;

  • XL6009/MT3608 Voltage Booster Module
  • TP4056 Charging Module
  • DC Voltmeter
  • 10K Potentiometer*1
  • DC Switch and Socker
  • Banana Jack-Socker Pair
  • 18650 Lithium Battery*2
  • 5mm LED*1
  • 1K Resistor*2
  • Some PVC Boards

Connection Diagram:

Video Tutorial:

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