How to Make a Cheap Bluetooth Speaker at Home | Full Guide with Diagram and Video Tutorial

Making a Bluetooth Speaker at Home Under $3 Dollars


A Bluetooth speaker is a portable audio device that uses Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It allows you to play music, podcasts, or other audio content from your device without the need for physical cables.

In this article, we’ll learn how to make a cheap Bluetooth Speaker by yourself at home.

Making a Bluetooth Speaker

Creating a Bluetooth speaker from scratch is a complex DIY project that involves electronics and woodworking skills. Here’s a simplified overview of the steps involved in making a basic Bluetooth speaker.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker Kit: You can find DIY Bluetooth speaker kits online or at electronics stores. These kits typically include the necessary electronic components like speakers, amplifier boards, and Bluetooth modules.
  2. Wood or Enclosure Material: Choose a material for the speaker enclosure. Wood is a common choice due to its acoustic properties, but you can also use other materials like plastic or acrylic.
  3. Speaker Drivers: The kit may include speaker drivers, but you can also buy them separately if needed.
  4. Amplifier Board: Your kit should come with an amplifier board that powers the speakers. Make sure it’s compatible with your speakers.
  5. Bluetooth Module: The kit should also include a Bluetooth module for wireless connectivity.
  6. Power Supply: You’ll need a power supply to provide electricity to the amplifier board and other components.
  7. Soldering Iron and Solder: To connect electronic components.
  8. Drill and Bits: For making holes in the enclosure for speakers, buttons, and ports.
  9. Screws, Nuts, and Bolts: To assemble the enclosure.

Components Used in this Project

  • 1. 4ohm 3W Speakers
  • 2. PAM8403 Audio Amplifier
  • 3. Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module
  • 4. TP4056 Charging Module
  • 5. 3.7V Lithium Battery
  • 6. Switch, LED, 220R Resistor, Wires, Nut & Bolts etc.

Connection Diagram

View on Youtube:


Please note that building a speaker from scratch can be a challenging project, especially if you are not experienced with electronics and woodworking. Be sure to follow safety guidelines and consult the detailed instructions provided with the components for best results.

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